Portrait L IV 17 - Bruges (2017) - STROO
Miss Axelle (2016) & Miss Marie Lou (201
Portrait L III (2018) - STROOK
Miss Murielle (2015) - STROOK
Mister Laurence & Miss Murielle (2015) -
Elsewhere (2015) - STROOK


“ What’s really important in the recycled wood portraits is that I use the wood exactly as I found it; I never color or paint the wood. Time is always a crucial part of these recycled wood portraits. I’m fascinated by the stories every piece of wood tells, humans may have left but their presence is still felt in so many elements: patinated pieces of wood, wear of natural stones, disorganized traces of use. I re-use items otherwise abandoned by time and decay. The patinated materials are a subtle metaphor for the scars every human being carries along with them.


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Miss Murielle (2015) - STROOK