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PaintGuide™ started with one simple ambition :

 To create an online creative arts platform dedicated to art lovers around the world.


In 2014, Henrik Uldalen initiated PaintGuide as a project of sharing his and his peers’ artworks and inspirations on the digital platform ‘Instagram’. As the account grew, an open invitation was proposed to like-minded artists to take-over the Instagram feed; curating and sharing a week’s worth of content on their creative influences. Paintguide, thus, created a visual dialogue in the art world’s continuing momentum into the digital sphere. 


It is our belief, through PaintGuide’s weekly take-overs, that artists discover artists and inspire fellow creatives. Unlike other art pages on social media, PaintGuide does not solely focus on the “likes” nor how aesthetically pleasing it is. Because of this concept and our team’s passion, PaintGuide has developed the support of over 350K followers on Instagram, a social media reach of 8.2 million viewers, 15 million monthly impressions, curated collaborative exhibitions in London, New York and San Francisco, and published an out-selling crowdfunded book from our community. 


In 2018, PaintGuide has been busy creating a brand new blueprint to evolve and transform its creative arts community whilst staying true to our original form, but to engage in the growth of the creative industry. The PaintGuide team strives to expand our portfolio scope by diversifying our activities and further developing our new identity and international reach.

Returning to our roots, Instagram, PaintGuide will maintain the initial account as a curatorial content provider. With weekly take-overs, the account itself is self-sustaining on the content generated by the participating artists. With @Paintguide’s organic growth of followings and attention, received from existing followers and respective artists’ audience, this platfrom complementary grows as the online Instagram account.


Driven by curiosity, we offer a lens into the depths of the kaleidoscopic creative arts industry. Alongside our Instagram counterparts, PaintGuide will strive to cater to those inquisitive and desirous in what happens behind the scenes. Peeling back the layers of the elitist concept about art, an open invitation for article submissions to contribute, whilst providing a platform to accommodate more diversity and multi-faceted discussions.


Drawing from our experiences as artists, gallerists, writers and collectors, Paintguide has developed this new streamline for our community of art lovers to engage with in this fast-paced evolving art world. Interactions with the artists on Paintguide does not only happen virtually; whilst they share their favourite artists and artwork with you, PaintGuide will transform to representing artists and showcasing their last artworks with you.

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