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Last Days Here (2018)- MICHAEL REEDER
Ascension Nine Nine (2018) - ELLY SMALLW
Gasp (2018) - MICHAEL REEDER
Primal Chant (2018) - MICHAEL REEDER
Lord Commander (2019) - MICHAEL REEDER
le petit voyeur vol


“When I first started the portrait series I wanted to focus more on how I painted the portrait and what mediums and techniques to use rather than concerning myself with whom I was painting. So I decided to paint the same three or so references over and over. Essentially I was trying to give room for the content and focus to be more about the surface and paint rather than subject matter. Through that process, I began to realise and embrace the natural diversity that was being developed through painting the same face.”


To see his latest works,  please follow his Instagram page.


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