Little Cloud in Macy's Thanksgiving Day
Rainbow City Roller Rink (Detroit) (2018
Into the Clouds (2018) WestfieldSF- FRIE
Popworld (2018) - FRIENDSWITHYOU
Nature's Gift - Humans, friends, & the u
Yellow Sponge (2018) - FRIENDSWITHYOU


SAM : "Accessibility is huge for us. Art is an amazing tool for that. There are so many artists with these amazing, philosophical, deep, beautiful concepts and I feel that if humans are alienated from the learning device of art, artists are not doing their job."


TURY : "We think of ourselves less like artists and more like we use art to get this idea across. It’s different than people who are in the business of making objects. There’s amazing beauty to that, but we really are trying to redesign the systems that are crucial to our happiness and our whole human existence. It sounds cheesy, but it’s serious talk."


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