Forging the Fatherdress, 2018, 60_ x 48_
First Night
Veiled Healer with Harrowing Journey, 20
Lagoon Gardener, 2016, 14_ x 11_, Oil on
Healer Veiled, 2019, 24_ x 12_, Oil on p
First Night
Bird Gardener with Premonition, 2018, 30
First Night


“I consider the narrative in my paintings to be a mythology, a way for me to use fiction or even fantasy in order to speak to a contemporary human experience, … With this mythic setting, I'm creating a world in which there is no 'pure' way to exist as a human in the world, in which qualities that could be seen as monstrous or grotesque are synonymous with beauty. Ultimately, these paintings create an Arcadia for the Other, for creatures with fluid identities, a space where the language of difference breaks down."


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