Project 1606

Valter Casotto / Alpay Efe / Andrew Salgado / John Wentz



Artists Henrik Uldalen and Daniel Martin in conversation about creative processes, artist blocks and procrastination decided to start the day with a sketch and put their efforts on Social Media for other artists to join in under the hashtag #sketchsketchsketchsketch. Quickly artists around the world took part in the movement resulting in over a thousand original artworks produced within the first two months.


Following up on this success PaintGuide and The Plant organized the first offline #sketchsketchsketchsketch meeting in July 2019 in Leiderdorp, the Netherlands. Artists from all over Europe attended the event to create and connect with each other.


A curated selection of the works made during the first meeting has been made available for purchase in order to aid future #sketchsketchsketchsketch events.


SketchSketchSketchSketch #1 by Henrik Uldalen​

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