Fantasia 1940 - LORRAINE LOOTS
Sydney 2018 - LORRAINE LOOTS
Singapore 2017 - LORRAINE LOOTS
29 January 2016 - LORRAINE LOOTS
18 June 2015 - LORRAINE LOOTS
Chicago 2017 - LORRAINE LOOTS


“At first, it was a purely practical decision. I asked myself, “What could I finish in an hour?”, and a miniature painting was the best thing I could think of. Of course – now that it’s no longer a side project but a full-time job – it now takes me up to 8 or 10 hours to finish one piece. But I’ve always loved detail, so it was inevitable that I would also fall in love with miniatures as a form of expression. I love the intimacy of it – the fact that you have to get so close to the image to really appreciate it.”


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