I See You Seeing Me Seeing You (2018) -
Dehydrated (2018) - LOLA GIL
Shed the Clutter (2018) - LOLA GIL
The Thinker (2018) - LOLA GIL
Clear View (2017) - LOLA GIL
See Through (2018) - LOLA GIL


“I like to think I was brought up in a unique way which helped facilitate this deep-down drive to continuously create. My connection with painting was and still is a necessary outlet to feel “normal”. From an early age, I’ve been compelled to create. It’s never really felt as though I’ve had to force myself to put in time and effort. For me, it’s always been a therapeutic outlet. I spent a lot of solitary time as a kid playing on my own. With a strict mother. I think largely because of this, I became a hardcore daydreamer. I drew a lot, constantly.”


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