Serenidad en Caos, 2018, 14_ x 12_, Oil
The Death I Bring, 2016, 5_ x 8_, Graphi
Memorias en Sepia, 2018, 12_ x 12_, Oil
Lilone Colorida, 2018, 8.25_ x 10
La Cura, 2016, 10_ x 10_ (+frame), Graph
Despierta (print), 2018, Archival pigmen


“When you have to explain your process to students you can’t be too abstract or complex. You have to deliver the methodology in a simple straightforward way, and that simplification has actually helped me streamline my own work. Not just this but a lot of teaching is helping students overcome fears and insecurities and just see art as a puzzle to be solved. This particular lesson has helped me in my own work. Whenever I feel stuck or find a painting difficult, I always take a deep breath and remember it’s just a puzzle to be solved!”


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