Le Petit Prince
What's a god to a non believer, 2017, 63
Trying to find dinosaurs in the bible, 2
Le Petit Prince
Laxmi, 2016, 70.9_ x 55
Mick, 2016, 70.9_ x 55


“My work comes from a personal place. The more I put it out to the world the more I reflect on what I really want to communicate but also where these views come from. Someone recently asked why I use the word “criminality” when referring to my work. I realized the word had been so engrained in me from off a young age to describe myself & the people I grew up with that we just accepted it. I guess up until now I’ve been saying “Criminals? Ok if you insist. But this is how we see it.” Where I take that sentiment will become clear the more time I can objectively reflect & study the narrative media and politicians have created around “youth criminality.”


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