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Catch the Moon - JOEY LEUNG
Two words about worry - JOEY LEUNG
Facing West - JOEY LEUNG
Goddess of Luo River - JOEY LEUNG
One word about worry - JOEY LEUNG
The Listless Lion - JOEY LEUNG


Joey Leung is a contemporary Gongbi artist provides a new twist to integrates tradition with popular culture in her works, exploring the use of contemporary writing equipment to present the flavour of Chinese art, trying to push the boundaries of different media. Where as gongbi paintings often depicts birds and flowers is generally looked upon as uninspired and rooted in the nostalgic, Joey draws upon her personal experiences of city life, representing an ironic twist to mundane everyday happenings.


To see her latest works,  please follow her Instagram page.


Alternatively, head over to Paintguide Magazine to read and learn more about her practice.


Or, begin your collection with Paintguide if any of artworks you saw that peaked your interests.

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