Sweetness no.4 (2018) - HELICE WEN
Devotion no.5 (2018) - HELICE WEN
With Me No.2 (2018) - HELICE WEN
Sweetness no.2 (2018) - HELICE WEN
Cake ( may all your wishes come true) (2
Woven (2018)- HELICE WEN


“When I draw and paint, that’s a whole other world, it’s the type of language I know the best. My conflicts naturally come out and allow expression to flow. What’s inside might be a little darker than it’s appearance, but there’s always a hopeful spark at the end… most of what I paint is based on personal experience and unexpressed conflicts or struggles. I used to think it was important to deliver my intended meaning or narrate my experience. But after a while, I realized details don’t matter anymore. Right now I just hope people who come from different life experiences can relate to my work in some way, then the painting becomes about everyone, not just about me.”


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