Manifest Destiny, 1872 (after John Gast)
Jan Davidsz de Heem I (New Order) - GORD
Great Wall of Sand - GORDON CHEUNG
Vanishing Point (2018) - GORDON CHEUNG
River (Study) (2018) - GORDON CHEUNG
Fishing for Souls (after Adriaen Pieters


"[My work is] about artists responding and appropriating at various degrees historical works of art to reframe into a dialogue with the Modern world.... its pixels reorganised according to an algorithm that results in what I think of as a digital sands of time effect. The still life is from the Dutch Golden Age, a genre of painting that often contained depictions of tulips. Three hundred and seventy years ago financial speculation of the tulip bulb led to an economic bubble now steeped in myth and morality but has echoed through history as a cautionary tale of absurd and surreal greed."


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