Untitled (self-portrait), 2018, 12_ x 12
Boy Haunts Himself, 2018, 9_ x 12_, Grap
Where Will You Go, 2019, 9_ x 12_ (cropp
Untitled, 2019, 9_ x 12_, Graphite and o
The Quiet One, 2016, 11_ x 11_, Graphite
Blue Clown, 2018, 9_ x 12_, Graphite and
Conversion, 2016, 10_ x 14_, Graphite an


“I'm more inspired by film than art so I would have to say the western genre has had the biggest influence on my work. I am also inspired by film noir and horror on almost equal level. I'm drawn to westerns because I love that time in American history, and I enjoy how the movies romanticize it so that it becomes more about myths and legends than what was actually taking place. They also tend to be very simple stories stretched out so that you feel the desolation and slowness of time in an empty frontier. I love that feeling and I try to convey it in my work as well.”


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